New Assets

March 06, 2019

Car Chase and Drift Template Unity Assets

Car Chase and Drift Template is for you If you are going to make a game which needs low poly models, and it has gameplay having car chase and police featured in it or it's a drift game, then you must be looking for something with all these features in one package. Well, this is the package!. You surely should try this Car Chase and Drift Template because it has all those features you are looking for and along with this it does include the scripts and gameplay and many more things which are definitely going to cut down the development time for your game and you can focus on polishing your game in that time and increase your user experience and get more engaging players.  
Enough with the bullets about Car Chase and Drift Template, now let's just look at how you can make your first build and what exactly is the game story in this template.  

December 23, 2018

First Person RPG Complete Game Free Download

First Person RPG: The First Person RPG Complete Game Unity Engine based project begins your first FPS game in Unity and start with completely useful Feature like stock, battle and character creation frameworks and substantially more! Full stuffed with highlights and frameworks like a first individual character controller, a completely practical character Creation System, Shopping, Inventory and Equipment System, NPC System with NavMesh Agent AI, Weapons features with types like Melee and Combat System, an expertise subordinate Leveling System and a Shopping system, Questing system, Dialogue System. As you progress shouldn't be lost your save data. Over that you get a reaping System with regrow able plants and preparing Potions and Cooking Food System. This FPS asset gives you its total source code from a dropped game. Everything that was made for the game, with the exception of the story and the characters. 
December 17, 2018

Happy Glass Game Kit Free Download

Happy Glass Game Kit: Draw Lines on Happy Glass is New Draw Line Type Puzzle Game Unity Engine ready Project. Happy Glass is a finished task layout that will assist you with making an incredible riddle game. The glass is tragic in light of the fact that it's unfilled. Your main task is to draw smooth line to make the glass fill with liquid and grin once more time! Attempt most ideal approach to finish each level of this game. A few levels may look very easy and simple yet how about we check whether you can really get the 2 or 3 stars after level complete. Addictive puzzle game. Use clues if in a difficult situation. Loads of levels with even more practically around the bend. 
October 22, 2018

Weapon System Unity Asset Free Download

Weapon System: This is a finished weapons model with more highlights included. all weapons are fit to be appended to your gaming article and make the weapon framework without any problem. Significant: There are numerous adjustments right now. You can make FPS games and TPS games by using this weapon pack. You can make 2d or 3d both type of games. Set your favorite weapon such has shotgun and riffle according to your taste. If it's not too much trouble spare your task before the update. Full weapons sample included Prism gun, Homing missile, Machine Gun, Storm Rocket, Cannon, Napalm Rocket, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun 
October 18, 2018

Desert Village 3 v1.0

Desert Village:  Desert Village volume 3 is the package for the games that are focussed to have a fully desertic gameplay or some levels of deserts touch are in them. Using Desert Village 3 pack you can create an awesome desert environment and create games that really give the user the feel of being in the desert and focussing on the gameplay. Not exactly the same but to some level, using this pack you can create an environment similar to the game like Bdiya, Desert Order, Witcher, etc. So usually this is how the production flow for games work. Once we decide our gameplay idea the next thing we look for is the environment availability. If we have an environment available, we proceed further towards the development process. But, for some reason, if we don't have the environment we either have to quit the idea or we have to have an environment built from scratch that takes time and increases the completion time of the project and also the production budget. To cope with these kinds of challenges thankfully we have a sharing community where someone puts the effort and lets others get benefit from that effort. That's the reason we have this Desert Village 3 pack which can help us build dream games without being worried about the environment. 
Let's look at the thing that we have available in this environment. 

October 18, 2018

Easy Main Menu Unity Asset

Easy Main Menu Unity Asset is the ultimate solution for your challenges related to the user interface in your games. This package includes all essential screens, options, guidelines, resources, and support to make a user interface that helps the user have great user experience and it will also increase the overall feel of your game. There are examples included also. Documentation is there to help you setup Easy Main Menu Unity Asset and in case of an issue, the support is also there.