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Action Quiz Game Example

Assets Name: Action Quiz Game Example
Asset Categories: Complete Project

Required Unity Version: Unity5.0 _ all version
Package Size: 188 MB


Action Quiz Game Example is a ready-to-use package, to help you build a game in a totally new genre. Action Quiz genre. It comes with a wide range of assets, like a background, charters, 
particle effects, screens, UI's, and a lot more. You can make variations as per your need. Before you start making the changes, it's good to look into it and know what gameplay it is having for now.

The Background/Gameplay field:

There's a cartoonish background, having a hill with lush green grass on it. Due to its high contrast, the characters become more visible because they are in dark colors.

The characters: 

There's a range of characters. A little boy with furious expressions, a sleepy tiger baby, a happy turtle, and a horrifying skeleton.


Each character has animations in it. The walk, move, hit, and many other expressions. Every time there's a change in the game scene if it is due to the other character, the opponent
 would respond to it using one of the above-mentioned animations.


All essentials in a project that tells about the game are in UI. There's a health bar that tells how much health a character has yet. Every time the opponent damages the health, the 
health targets updated and have a new state. 

The Gameplay:

What makes a game different than others? characters, UI, Sound, or something else? Its gameplay. This package is having totally different gameplay. This is how it works:

In the start, the players are given full health and then a question appears on the screen, meantime the character is ready to combat. There's a statement on screen and four options.
From those options, the player chooses the right option and the result is decided. What comes in those questions? Yes, this is must to know a thing. This is what comes on the screen. 

The card having the question comes with a statement, usually a question on a charter from some other game. The options down, have at least one correct answer, and the player has to choose the right one from them. If the answer is right the opponent is hit and his health decreases, in the opposite case, the player gets himself damaged. This is how it works.

We will love to know your feedback after using it.


  • Ready made scenes included
  • Minimal Set Pass Calls
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Create your own game easily
  • Easy to customize and reuse
  • Documentation Included
  • Does not require any additional plugin to work
  • Easy Advertising integration
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