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EAS ROADS 3D PRO ;  Roads are everywhere in games, games that have vehicles in them, games that are of racing genres, games that are of road construction genre, etc, they all need to have roads in them. 
As an environment designer, it feels a little tough and time taking task, to build the roads with brushes in unity and then leveling them and drawing the boundaries. To make this process easy we have this awesome package that can help us draw the roads in a very short amount of time. Also, this package comes along with other tools like bridges, guard rails, and fences, etc. 

You can also draw trees and other objects of geometry along with your roads and paths. There are other tools included to help you out draw many other structures. Go ahead download the tool and 
make your next dream project 

Assets Type: 3D kit

Asset Categories: Plugin 

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version ,Unity5.6 _ all version , Unity2017_ all version , Unity 2018_all version

Package Size: 10 Mb

  • Ready-made scenes included
  • Minimal Set Pass Calls
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Create your own game easily
  • Easy to customize and reuse
  • Documentation Included
  • Does not require any additional plugin to work
  • Just click and build roads
  • Bridges and other geometry
  • River tool is included
Note: If you have any question or if any download link damage or not working of If have any request for any new assets then comment in the comment box or contact via (

Fear For Mobile Use
 Just click and build roads, bridges, and other geometry by using EayRoads.
Upgration: River tool is included now.


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