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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Third Person Controller - Shooter Template Invector

Assets Name: Third Person Controller - Shooter Template

Assets Type: 3D kit

Asset Categories: Complete Project

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version ,Unity5.6 _ all version , Unity2017_ all version , Unity 2018_all version

Package Size: 223 Mb

Description: The Inner Shooter pattern is inspired by AAA shooters and includes all the basic model and melee features plus: ThirdPerson, TopDown or 2.5D Shooter, firearms, projectile bullets with runway rendering, projection of objects with trajectory system (grenade, bottles, etc.), firearm melee attacks, advanced damage based on the distance and speed, decal for projectiles on the tags (different materials), Advanced Scope View, aiming system with dispersion, range, firing frequency, recoil, etc.


  • Ready made scenes included
  • Minimal Set Pass Calls
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Create your own game easily
  • Easy to customize and reuse
  • Documentation Included
  • Does not require any additional plugin to work
  • Latest Scope View
  • Open Fire Weapons  
  • Advanced damage & velocity 
  • Melee attacks  
  • bullets with trail
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