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Third Person Controller - Shooter Template Invector

Third Person Controller - Shooter Template is a ready-made all in one package that solves multiple problems for a shooting game. Be it weapons, players, movements, cameras, effects, 
AI splashes each and everything is available in this one package. 
Third Person Controller - Shooter Template is very easy to setup also, you wouldn't have to spend hours just to see your player shooting or having combat. The setup process is very easy. You just have to import the package, and then just place anything to use as floor be it a cube or plane. Once you have a surface, just drop the player from the prefabs and you will have to select the animators, for the type of player you want, fighter, combat or any other available. Then you will add colliders and ragdoll etc. Once the appearance is done, you will add managers scripts that will help you achieve the functionality you want, like basic movement, controls, cameras, and combat, etc. 
So it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to set up your player. 
Let's look at some of the features that this kid provides. 

So developers know very well how much documentation is helpful especially for new packages. If there is no documentation they have to dig into the code and understand each line of code and then understand the working of that code, but not here this Shooter Template has extensive documentation, that is easy to understand and very helpful. 

There are multiple prefabs that are pre-made and can be dragged into any scene and used there. They come handy when we need to develop a prototype quickly. 

Talking about the menus in the unity editor. There are Menus that make it easy to understand and using them you can create players, weapons and many more things. 

The controls are very user friendly and they are easily configurable. You can easily alter the behavior and can get the ideal flow of player movement and actions. 

There are multiple cameras, like first person, third person, 2.d and height camera, etc. You can do the customization to make the cameras give feels matching to the genre you are targeting. 

There are splashes available for camera effects, be it horror, blood, sci-fi and they are configurable also. 

Multiple weapon options are available in this Shooter Template and you can set them easily. You just have to play the scene and move the weapon in the right position and then copy the values from there then stop the scene and paste values into the script and your weapon position will be set. There are multiple other options, like damage, range, etc. You should explore and experiment with them. 

There are examples of probably every camera type. Players are configured. Cameras are set. Controls are there, Just load the scenes, play and try. 
I hope you like this Third Person Controller - Shooter Template.

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all versions and , Unity 2019_all versions.

Package Size: 223 MB 

  • Ready-made scenes included 
  • Minimal Set Pass Calls 
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices 
  • Create your own game easily 
  • Easy to customize and reuse 
  • Documentation Included 
  • Does not require any additional plugin to work 
  • Latest Scope View 
  • Open Fire Weapons   
  • Advanced damage & velocity  
  • Melee attacks   
  • bullets with trail 


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