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Horse Animset Pro

Horse Animset Pro (Riding System) is the right package if you are planning to make a game that has animal characters in it and it does need to have animations for those characters. Many animals, animations, soundtracks, and terrain are part of it. Games of different genres can be built using these assets. Some of them could be Action, Role-playing, RPG, Simulation, etc. 

Horse Animset Pro package has got what to offer to its users. Let's find that out. 

Animals:  Animals are part of video games be it Peter Puppy, Bill Grey, Interceptor, Digby or Shadow. From the day they started developing games till today they are part of them. Unity's asset store is probably the biggest platform for the game developers to get assets from and this package is part of unity's asset store. Just to provide developers with the choice to have these animals in games and focus on development rather than building the 3d models and textures etc. for those models. Some animals are, 

1) Horses: Horses with variations are available along with many animations like Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop,  and Sprint, etc. They can be used to make any game either with roles for the users or a fighting one where players have to reach in battles riding on them. 

2) Elephant: The biggest animals alive on the earth, probably!. You can use them to develop games like Elephant city attack, Wild elephant simulator, Talking elephant, etc. 

3) Camels: Desert games are incomplete without having them camels in it. These animals can be used to make those cool desert games. 

4) Dragons: Wao! this reminded me of the GOT dragon, well users would love to play a game having a dragon in them. 

Character:  A cowboy ready to ride anything be it a horse, a  camel or any things else. This iconic cowboy should be used to make games that require him to travel far away where he meets his friend rango and then they reach that city in the desert where he assists rango who is now king of that desert city. Cool!. This cowboy character has animations of running, walking, riding the giants, pulling the weapons out, attacking and many more. One thing I was missing is mount animation. And still, there are many more. You should try this Horse Animset Pro and see it for yourself. 

Basic AI: How can we miss it, not passing it to you? Well, this package does include this cool feature in it. The cowboy call the horse by whistling and horse just leave everything and comes running to him. This package does include a basic ammo system. The weapons are interactable to the hurdles and animals. The bullets leave the spot where they hit. Also, one thing that we forget to mention about animals are they have animations of attack and death etc. One last thing and the coolest one probably. The cowboy can even ride a wolf. Go and check that your self. Horse Animset Pro (Riding System) v4.08 free download now.

Assets Name: Horse Animset Pro Riding System v4.08

Assets Type: 3D models and animations 

Asset Categories: Complete unity Project 

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version , Unity 2019

Package Size: 140 MB 

  • Included demo scenes of horse animations. 
  • Low poly horse model. 
  • Animation import in your own game easily. 
  • Easy to customize animations and models. 
  • Up to 40 Animation Clips of horse and character animation. 
  • Included 4 Models of Horse Realistic Style. 
  • Horse and character Foot Sound. 
  • Include these Animations: Swim, Run, Death, Fall, Tort, Gallop. 
  • Unity Navmesh Supported. 
  • Include Rider Animations and texture of model 


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