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Big City Unity Asset

Big City Pro is a ready-made project for your games that facilitates your city environment needs. It has got all those things which as a combined pack contribute to the environment of a city. There are those nice buildings of different types like houses, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. Then there is a church to worship in Big City Pro, a school is also included, in case you need to make your game around the school environment. Where you want school kids to learn any specific skill, or they need to complete some sort of task, like clean their school front or rearrange the parked bicycles, etc. There are sitting areas also included where people can sit and enjoy the time. 

Big City Pro is a good pack especially if you are trying to build some sort of prototype which is going to have a city environment or anything from this pack. You can use this as a whole pack and can opt to use single items. 

Big City Pro has also got a good lighting system which if used properly can produce awesome looking environments. 

So overall this is good to pack and you must give it a try. 

Size: Everything included, the size of the package is 100 MB 

Models: Models include buildings, floors, trees, etc. 

Sounds: This package doesn't include any sound. 

Textures: There are textures with details in them that give you a great look. 

Environment: The environment includes a detailed look at a city. 

Animations: There are no animations included. 

Scripts: There are no scripts included or might possible it has simple scripts like fps counter etc. 

What sort of games can be made with it: You can any games with city ambiance in it? 

Big City


  • Demo City scenes included. 
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices Android & IOS. 
  • Easy to customize and reuse in your game. 
  • Documentation Included. 
  • All buildings Models are single optimized gameobject. 
  • All building Object Normal map included. 
  • Low poly. 


  1. WHY FORMAT BigCity.z02 ??? HOW IS IT USED ???

  2. The file is removed could you please recover the file?