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60 Fantastic Race Cars Pack Unity Asset Free To Download

60 Fantastic Race Cars Pack is a great choice for you if you have to make games that are either of racing genre or they have cars in it, in any way. It has around sixty cars of the racing type that can be used in a wide range of projects. The models have detailed realistic and eye-catching textures. It includes diffuse, normal, and specular mapped also. 

They are detailed but optimized also and can be used in mobile targeting projects as well as PC targeting projects. The wheel is a different component from the interior meshes. 
So, it has got a variety of choices for the racing projects. 

Version: The version is 1.0 

Size: Everything included, the size of the package is 787 MB 

Reviews: This 60 Fantastic Race Cars Pack has only one rating available. 

What's Inside the 60 Fantastic Race Cars Pack: 

Package Content: If we look into the folders we have got a folder with sixty folders in it and each folder has got tags, FBXs, Materials, and prefabs, etc. 

Models: Models include in 60 Fantastic Race Cars Pack are around sixty cars of different types.

Sounds: This package doesn't include any sound. 

Textures: There are textures with details in them that differentiate each racing car from the other. 

Support: We were not able to find any support for it. Although packages like these don't need much support. 

Environment: There is no special environment included. 

Animations: There are no animations included. 

Scripts: There are no scripts included. 

Scenes: There are no demo scenes included. 

UI Screens: There's no UI screen included. 

What sort of games can be made with it: Almost all racing games can be made out of these cars. You can make multiplayer, single-player, missions-based games. 

Cameras: No cameras are included 

How Can you play with it smartly: By making games with it. You can modify the colors of materials. You can play with the textures and assign any sort of texture, be it from sponsor or 
you need to give any message. 

Conclusion: With the given details and available options, this 60 Fantastic Race Cars Pack is great to have. You can play with it in multiple ways and create awesome games. So overall it's a good option to have in your racing assets. 
Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version, Unity 2019

  • Minimal Set Pass Calls of each model. 
  • Low Poly Models Mashes Optimized for Mobile Devices. 
  • You can be used for any type of simulation or other projects. 
  • Also Includes diffuse, normal, and specular maps of all 60 cars models. 


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