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Attack Zombie Mobile TPS

Attack Zombie Mobile TPS  is an easy-to-use, fully-featured solution for your gaming projects. It has got amazing control options, be it for the mobile or the PC, supported for cross-platform as touchable controls on mobiles and keyboard for the pc. Helpful demo scenes increase the value when they have got great gameplay inside, the player has options to zoom, attack and kill the enemies who are zombies, and have animations that make them alive, the walking one, the attacking one, and some others. Well planned, gaming environments adds to the value of demo scenes, when they have got amazing backgrounds, live lights, an eye-catching fog, and a sound that just increases the overall value we would say 100%. The enemies make the feel more awesome when they are dead, and blood comes out of them and the scenes are felt like, real gaming scenes there. Then there is coding to modify since there's no restriction on them. So overall Attack Zombie Mobile TPS has got something side of this template. Coding scripts are easy to understand and easying inside that adds something to the value of a shooting game. What are those things? Let's look in detail. 

Size: Everything included, the size of the Attack Zombie Mobile TPS is 31 MB 

Reviews: 8 user ratings and 4 user reviews are what it has got. 

What's Inside the "Asset": 

Package Content: Looking at the folders, or what we say package content, we have got two main folders, 'Suriyun' and 'Project Settings'. Suriyun has Mobile TPS which has got code, Examples, lightmap settings, Material, Model , Animations,  Physics, Prefab, Skybox, Sound, Texture, UI, etc. The touch script folders have got Devices, Editor, Modules, Plugins, Prefabs, Scripts, and shaders in it. On other folder is Project setting that has got settings related data. 


Models: The models are Characters, and environment things, like trucks, walls, gates, etc. 

Sounds: Sound that adds value to the feel of the game is also in this package. 

Textures: Textures for the models used in the environments in demo scenes are included. 

Environment: Environments that depicts the genre of shooting game are also inside this package. You should check them yourself. 

Scripts: Necessary scripts needed for the functionality of players, enemies, and other things are also included. 

Scenes: There are demo scenes included that you should check first, play, rate, and then learn to make your own game's scenes. 

What sort of games can be made with Attack Zombie Mobile TPS: All the shooting games where players have to kill enemies or have to hit objects can be made using this template. 

Cameras: Camera is also included with options of zoom and normal rendering.

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all versions.

How Can you play with it smartly: You can make great games with it. Be it zombie games, animal hunting games, mission games, probably anything that you think the player would enjoy. 

 Download Attack Zombie

Zombie Gameplay Demo scenes included. 
Low Poly Models and Optimizes for Android. 
PDF Documentation Included. 
FPS and TPS Smooth Control of Player. 
Unity UI Mobile Control for Android and IOS. 

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