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Desert Village 3 v1.0

Desert Village:  Desert Village volume 3 is the package for the games that are focussed to have a fully desertic gameplay or some levels of deserts touch are in them. Using Desert Village 3 pack you can create an awesome desert environment and create games that really give the user the feel of being in the desert and focussing on the gameplay. Not exactly the same but to some level, using this pack you can create an environment similar to the game like Bdiya, Desert Order, Witcher, etc. So usually this is how the production flow for games work. Once we decide our gameplay idea the next thing we look for is the environment availability. If we have an environment available, we proceed further towards the development process. But, for some reason, if we don't have the environment we either have to quit the idea or we have to have an environment built from scratch that takes time and increases the completion time of the project and also the production budget. To cope with these kinds of challenges thankfully we have a sharing community where someone puts the effort and lets others get benefit from that effort. That's the reason we have this Desert Village 3 pack which can help us build dream games without being worried about the environment. 
Let's look at the thing that we have available in this environment. 

1) Desert landscape 
We all know that the first thing first is the landscape. Landscape is what tells the player where he is playing it. In a desertic environment, the most important thing is having the desert landscape.  
2) Joshua Tree 
They can be used to create that look in the game where you want to show the harsh environment of the desert but there are some soft points also, to sort of depict that thing this tree can help you do that 
3) Distressed Wooden Chairs 
I think you know what you can do with them. Almost anything!. You can create a sitting area, you can have them in corridors you can have them outside. It's up to you whatever is your need you can place them there. 
4) Wooden Barrels 
They can be placed to show some specific sort of places like they can be placed somewhere to show they are whiskey containers. You can label them in whatever way you need. 
5) Storage Chest 
You need to have a storeroom or any place where you need to save your arms or gold or whatever in your game, chests are the best thing to do so, and these wooden storage chests can be used for that. 
So, go and play with them creatively. 
6) Distressed Wooden Bench 
You have chairs and not have the bench well the combination does not seems completed yet, so, complete that, you have wooden benches. You can create a casual-like sitting environment with outside. Or if there's something else in your mind, you can go that way. No restrictions :) 
7) Porch Houses 
You have houses with porches on the ground floor that sort of help to creates the feel of a socially connected people of the area the game is being played in. If you have that intent in mind you can take them that way or otherwise they are some awesome houses that can be placed somewhere to complete the environment. 
8)  Wooden Canopy 
Well, you have chairs, you have benches and chest and drums, etc, what you were missing? Something to cover them from the upper side. Right? Yes! for that, you have a canopy. Now It creates the full sense of the outside environment in a desert. 
9) Desertic Fog 
You have created the whole environment and going to start gameplay, but there's something missing yet and that I think is fog. Yeah! fog. That fog will add that classy look to the game and the user will feel like having an experience of being really in a desertic environment. so yes, it's there for you. Enjoy. 
So, not everything, but to some extent, we tried to summarize the things available in this Desert Village 3 pack. Yet! there are things left unsaid, why? Because you need yourself to find them, so download the package and explore what else you can find

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version and Above 
Package Size: 191 MB 

  • Ready-made scenes included 
  • Minimal Set Pass Calls 
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices 
  • Create your own game easily 
  • Easy to customize and reuse 
  • 4k Textures, Normal maps, Specular maps & Spec bump shader 

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