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Easy Main Menu Unity Asset

Easy Main Menu Unity Asset is the ultimate solution for your challenges related to the user interface in your games. This package includes all essential screens, options, guidelines, resources, and support to make a user interface that helps the user have great user experience and it will also increase the overall feel of your game. There are examples included also. Documentation is there to help you setup Easy Main Menu Unity Asset and in case of an issue, the support is also there. 

Version: The version is 1.0 

Size: Everything included, the size of the package is 58 MB 

Package Content: If we look into the content hierarchy, some folders are 
Animations (With Animations for this package).

EMM Integration: Integrations guide with other templates like Invector UFPS etc.. 
Prefabs: All needed prefabs in the package.
Prototype: Some prototypes like UI etc..

Resources: The resources folder has Editor Content, Prefabs, Scenes, and Scripts, etc.. 

Reviews: Easy Main Menu Unity Asset has a total of 98 user ratings and 67 user reviews. 68 are five stars, 4 with 4 stars, and others with below 4. 

Features: What's inside this Easy Main Menu: If we look into the details this package has sounds to point out the press of a button. There are scenes which have examples in them and they are easy to understand. There are multiple options like Main menu options, Graphics options, Game Play options, etc. What's inside these options? 

Graphics Options: These include the options to play with graphics like Texture quality, Anti-aliasing, Shadows, VSync, and the resolution, etc.. 

Gameplay OptionsThis screen has options to play with general lighting options in-game like Brightness and Contrast etc. 

Models: Models include basic cubes, character, and other objects in scenes. 

Textures: Since this package has Standard Assets included in it so there some textures form the unity's standard asset. 

Sounds: Yes there are some sample audio clips included in it. 

GuidelineGuideline is available in the form of a pdf document. 

Environment: The environment includes s basic objects in scenes. 

Animations: Yes there are animations included. 

Scripts: There are numerous scripts included in this package that is primarily used for the audio setup, FPS counter, in-game scripts, loading screens scripts, main menu scripts, and then there are editor scripts in it. 

Others: Some sprites and unity's standard asset package is also included in it. 
What sort of games can be made with it: Almost all games that need a basic UI screen for it, this package can be used there. 

How Can you play with it smartly? : Probably you can customize it, you can play with scripts, with colors, with resolutions to give it variations and make unique UIs for your games. 

Conclusion: Easy Main Menu is an all in one package for setting up the screens for a game. Overall, we would rate it as a good fit for the beginners and intermediate games. 

 Download Easy Main Manu

  • Optimized for Mobile Devices. 
  • Easily customize and reuse for games. 
  • Documentation Included. 
  • Does not require any other plugin. 
  • Easily Integrate Advertising in this system. 
  • Include Loading System. 
  • Character Selection. 
  • Include UI Fade Screen. 
  • Include Quit Game System. 
  • Include UI Dialogue System. 
  • Rate us Screen include 


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