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Emerald AI Latest Unity Asset

Emerald AI Unity Asset 2.4 is one solution for your combat games which can help you in a lot of different ways. It can help you set up those automated AIs without being worried about the coding efforts and hours of work that usually is required to set up the AI for games. It has got those nice systems like the Weapon system, where you can choose from the range of options related to the bullet damage, look, and effect, etc. Then it has got those nice and smooth animations for each movement and transitions for in-between of animations.  Then there's this movement system, which can be customized in any way like you can set the footstep sounds, you can set the animations you feel are matching to the character look, perhaps you can customize it in a whole lot of ways.  One of the other systems is its way to go through the editor window of setup. That editor window has options related to all little things like AI settings, Detections, Tags, UI Settings, Waypoint editor, Documents and Behaviour types, etc. If we look into one of these options say, AI setting, it has got, options like combat setting, navmesh, optimize, events, etc. Still, many more things are to look into, so let's find out that also. 
SizeEverything included, the size of the Emerald AI 2.4 Unity Asset is 207 MB 
Reviews This nice little but awesome AI pack has got around 189 ratings and 115 user reviews. A total of five-star ratings are 118. 
What's Inside the Emerald AI: 
Package Content: So, if we sneak into the folders, what we will be provided ib this package. Here it is. We have got demo scenes, Documentation, Scripts, Sounds, UI 
Models: The models included in this pack are those in demo scenes. All those assets used in demo scenes are build up on top of these models. You can find them in folders where all the models are placed. 
Sounds: This package has got sounds related to the movements and actions etc. 
Textures: There are textures with details in them that give you a great look. 
Documentation: Documentation is available to help you out problems faced during set up. 
Environment: The environment in demo scenes and included in the package. 
Animations: There are animations included. 
Scripts: There are scripts included that moves the camera around to produce that cinematic view. 
Scenes: Demo scenes that give you the opportunity to experience what it looks like to make your own game with this Emerald AI Unity Asset and how it will react later. 
What sort of games can be made with it: You can make games that need AI set up in it. There are probably countless options, you can play around yourself. 
CamerasYes, there are cameras included with scripts attached to them. 
So overall if we try to make a conclusion, like what we have got, probably we have got a good option that can be used to create those great games. Because it has all those problems solved in it that comes 
during the development of games. 
Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version and Unity 2019 

Download  Emerald AI

  • AI Demo scenes included. 
  • Suitable both for Mobile Devices and Window. 
  • Easily Integrate in your game. 
  • Easily customize and reuse in your own game. 
  • Include Editors. 
  • Include Dynamic AI System. 

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