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Fingers - Touch Gestures for Unity

Fingers - Touch Gestures for Unity 2.9.4 is the right solution to your gaming problems related to the screen touch controls. It has got all those options that are required to have touch inputs in your projects. Multiple input options are available for your screen input controls, some of them are: 

Virtual Joystick: To move a player in all directions usually four navigation buttons are added in games and they alone are not enough. To have that functionality of being able to go in all the directions, games include a joystick. A Joystick enables players to rotate the objects 360 degrees and move in any direction. But, still, some players don't feel it good to have their thumb held at one position and just do the movements. For people like these, this package has got an option included in, called virtual joystick. A virtual joystick is actually a joystick available anywhere on device's screen. It gives you the liberty of tapping somewhere on the screen and navigations button appears there and using that button, you can give the input to move the character/object in any direction. 

Shape Reorganization: Some time we think of making a game, that can recognize the shapes drawn over the screen and using those shapes we could further add more functionality to our games be it giving a reward for a basic image drawn or ask the player to build something with his drawing skills and win coins for that. The hurdle to these problems is the fear of having to put a large amount of time in the image Reorganization process and for that reason, these ideas are postponed usually. 
Fortunately, this Fingers - Touch Gestures for Unity has got the ability to recognize the images drawn over the screen and it can be used to make those hold back ideas have a life. Not a very large amount of effort is needed to do that, just open the scene and train the model by drawing the basic images and it should be able to recognize those images in gameplay. And using this ability you can build games that players would love playing. 

Swipe Option: This package has got that swipe option where you click somewhere on the screen and do a quick move in any direction and it is recognized as a swipe. There is also a scene included inside the package, where you can practice this control. Basically, its a small game prototype, you hold the stone by having your finger over it and then swipe left or right, and if something comes in its way that thing is destroyed. So, this way you can enjoy the very basic gameplay of a crushing game and also learn the control. 
Demo Scenes: So as told earlier, this Fingers - Touch Gestures for Unity, has got some demo scenes. And the reason being there for them is because developers have the tendency to having something to refer to when they are going to build something similar. So, by playing these demo scenes and then applying reverse engineering to figure out how all the scripts and controls are working, they will be able to use these controls in a more efficient way. 

Support: Including all the above details, this package has good support available. Like, it has tutorials available on YouTube for almost all the controls setup. You can just use those tutorials to quickly set up the player controls and then build your projects. Cool! 

Size: This package has a size of around 4.6 MB 
Reviews: This asset has 154 user ratings and 78 user reviews. 
Models: Models include objects used in the scenes. 

Textures: There are textures for the objects used in demo scenes. 

Environment: The environment includes everything shown in the demo scenes  

Scripts: There are scripts that make these controls able to work and then also process the inputs coming through the screen. 

Scenes: Demo scenes are included in.  

Games to Develop with it: You can make a variety of games. Games that require these controls to have in. Like objects drawing games, shooter games, and many others.  

ConclusionSo, if we look into this Fingers - Touch Gestures for Unity, with an eye of a developer. This package is not less than a blessing. All these controls take a large amount of time to build and then test, and, as a developer, it takes time just to figure out how the development of these controls should be approached. But when you find out that something similar is available already and you can just import and use it. You sure count it as a blessing. Because it has reduced a large amount of development time and also given you the opportunity to look into the code of this package and learn how all these controls are built. So, with all these words, we would say, it's really an awesome package. And you should try it. 

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version and unity 2019.

  • Finger Touch Demo scenes included 
  • Mobile Control and Optimized for Mobile Devices 
  • Easy to customize and reuse in your game 
  • Documentation Included 
  • Does not require any additional plugin to work 
  • Gesture Framework and shape recognition. 

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