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Low Poly FPS Pack Unity Assets

Low Poly FPS Pack V3.2 is a greater starter pack to start making low poly shooting games. It has demo scenes included to help you out, premade prefabs, third-person character model, lots of animations included that helps in making the game more appealing towards the user. Character props like a backpack, helmet, goggle, etc. are there also. Some great VFX included like explosion VFX, the Bullet hit VFX, and also physical bullet VFX, etc. So overall it has almost everything covered in a single pack, be it weapons, effects, characters, animations, almost everything!. 

Size: Everything included, the size of the package is 120 MB 

ReviewsLow Poly FPS Pack has got around 51 five stars ratings. One user says "This asset is of great quality, but without the integration of AI it makes it difficult to use, and with a very high price,it is not a good buy. Use it unless it is a Game Development Studio with teamwork.  UPDATE TO 2 STARS:  after 3 days trying to use this asset was impossible to make something good... " 

What's Inside the Low Poly FPS Pack: 

Package Content: Overall there are 716 files and their folders for components, demo scenes, prefabs, and third-person characters, etc. All these folders have assets, material, textures, etc that as a package make this kit a complete package. 

Models: Models include Third person character, weapons, like a rifle, pistol, etc. 

Sounds: Sound like an explosion, trigger, fire, shooting, etc are also included which ultimately increases the effect of the game. 

Textures: There are textures and sprites included in the model's materials. 

Documentation: A setup guide for Low Poly FPS Pack in pdf format is also available. 

Environment: The environment includes the basic environment for the example scenes. 

Animations: There are animations included. For the character and for the weapons.  And animators are also included. 

Scripts: Scripts are there for the object's movements, like light, lightning, and target, etc. 

Others: There are multiple animators and weapon demo scenes included also. 

What sort of games can be made with it: All those games that need to have low poly fps functionality.  

CamerasYes, there are cameras included. 

How Can you play with it smartly: You can make great games with it. Play with low poly assets, change the colors, directions, scale, etc. and enjoy the variations. 

Conclusion: Overall, with all these features in it, we think this is a very go

Required Unity Version: Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version , Unity 2019.

 Download Low Poly FPS Weapon V3.2

  • Third Person Character Demo scenes included. 
  • Low Poly Models Optimized for Mobile Devices. 
  • Create your own Third Person Game with Multiple Weapons. 
  • Easily customize and reuse in your Scene. 
  • Documentation Included. 
  • No Additional plugin Required to work. 
  • Low Poly Animated character model. 
  • Low Poly Animated arms & Guns. 
  • Low Poly Melee 3D weapons & Grenades. 

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