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Unlock Cars 1.0 unity package

Unlock classic car #04 is a ready to use car for your projects where you need to have a classy old stylish vehicle with full details in it. This package surely qualifies to your requirement because it has got a nice-looking car with detailed interior design and four seats. A dashboard with four meters and key ignition is also there. Then, it has got a detailed designed door also. Two headlights at the front and multiple backlights are part of it. The basic color of the car is yellow but you can play with material color to change the look as you want. Two double silencers are also added, which makes it have a  
classy old look. 
Let's look into it, what content it has got, the size of the pack, and other features. 

Size: Everything included, the size of the Unlock classic car #04 is 27.3 MB 
Reviews: It has got 2 user ratings with 5 stars. 
What's Inside the "Asset": 
Package Content: Looking inside the package we are able to find some folders which have model, material, textures, etc. It has also got a script and documentation inside. 
Models: A car model is included inside. 
Sounds: This package doesn't include any sound. 
Textures: There are textures for the car model. 
Animations: There are no animations included. 
Scripts: There is a script included in. 
Games to Make: You can make all sort of racing games with it that needs to have an old-style car in it. 
Conclusion: This is not the best package to have, but it's fair to be used for an old-style car need. 

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version 
 Download Unlock Cars
  • Car Readymade scenes included 
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices 
  • Easy to customize Skins. 
  • High quality textured. 
  • Car materials also included. 
  • car needles Properly work 
  • Detailed dashboard. 

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