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NatCorder Unity asset

NatCorder Video Recording API Unity asset is an all in one solution for your video recording related needs. It's an easy to use, lightweight, optimized, with all features, and it's an affordable solution also. You can record videos on iOS, Android, MAC, and windows. Audios can be also be recorded be it from any source in-game. It also has the ability to run in devices with low memory. Using those videos you can, create your intros, for the marketing and sales platforms.  Let's look at it, what features it has got. 

Optimized: NatCorder Video Recording API Unity asset is developed keeping in mind the factor of good performance and its very optimized solution which can run on low resource devices. 

Everything Is Recordable:  If there's something that can be rendered as a texture it is recordable also. Be it a view in-game, a piece of a user interface, a camera, or any sprites, etc. 

Adjustable Resolutions:  Multiple options to choose from when recording. You can record in high resolution like HD (nineteen twenty X ten eighty). It can go above than this on the devices that support it. 

Quality Of Control: There are options available, like bitrate can be specified, keyframe interval can be specified. SO, you can play with them to get the result you want. 

Record Animated GIF Images:  Not only mp4 videos, short length videos like GIFs can also be recorded with it on platforms like mobile and desktop. With operating systems mentioned above. 

Record HEVC: H.265 HEVC codec is recordable on almost all the operating systems. 

Support for Augmented Reality. It has full support for APIs like Vuforia, ARCore, and ARKit. 

Path Access: It wouldn't record and place in some hidden places, rather direct to the application documents and form their path can easily be retrieved. 

Recording in Offline Mode: Recording in offline is also possible. 

Threaded Recording: To get the advantage of threading, it uses the threading and is thread-safe also. 

Manageable Sized Package: This is not a very big package that will increase the overhead to project, rather it's a lightweight and easy to manage package which ultimately will result in providing value to your production process. 
Assets Type: Unity Script  
Asset Categories: Plugin  
Requirements: Unity Version 2018.3+,  Android API Level above or equal 21, iOS level: 11+, macOS level:  10.13+ 

Package Size: 409.3 KB 
 Download NatCorder
  • Fast Speed of Recording 
  • Record Anything on Screen within seconds. 
  • Record Audio with high quality Audio 
  • HD Video Recording also customize resolution 
  • Android and IOS and Window Supported 
  • Unity Demo scenes included 

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