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Ninja Hero Unity Complete Project

Ninja Hero Unity Asset is a small package ready to release that has got all the minimum features needed for a ready to release gaming project. You can deploy it right away. Just integrate the monetization into the Ninja Hero Unity Asset and you are almost ready to make a living out of it. You have the liberty to launch it over multiple platforms, be it iOS, Android, or PC, etc. Some of the features, that are necessary to mention here are: 

Level Manager: The level manager inside Ninja Hero Unity Asset, takes care of most of the work related to the level making. It has got that system, which you can utilize to generate awesome levels in a very short amount of time. And there's no restriction over the number of levels to add. Unlike those games that come with some limited number of levels, this package allows you to generate as many levels as you want. 
This ultimately results in more spending time by users, retention would be a suitable word for that thing, in gaming terms. In addition to this, the player will feel more satisfied and challenged, because his skills are being challenged on every launch, and he has amazing levels to pass through to increase his passed level count. 

Pooling Systems: Although we have devices these days that have no issue regarding the RAM and CPU etc., we still sometimes want to make sure that your game never lags and it does not heat up the device that has got lower resources for playing it. So, in a situation like these, strategies like the pooling system come handy. The pooling system, if you don't know, works this way. Every time an object is instantiated, it is added to the pool, that is a script basically that keeps the track of all objects added to it. So whenever a new object of any specific types is needed, a call to pooling manager is made and it sort of does a check on its side and makes sure if there's an object that is free right now and can be utilized again, it passes the reference of this object back to the calling method/object. Which then utilize this object. This way the objects are not initialized or destroyed every time rather they are reused which ultimately saves the space in RAM and also the CPU headache. So, this small package has got that pooling system in it, which will be helpful in times when your game gets a chance to be in a system with low resources. Even in devices with high RAM and CPU, it will save the space for other software/apps to be able to run smoothly. 

UI System: One of the problems indie developers or a company with lower resources often face is of UI screens. You should have enough resources, time, and guiding abilities to get an artist, make a suitable UI for your game. Otherwise, you are left with a good game but with no user experience, because a simple prototype, can't get you there where you competitors have already set a level, with games better than yours and UIs that attracts the users. So to cope up with this issue, the developers have added a simple UI system, that has got some screens in it and it can give you some relief in the sense that you can focus on your gameplay, and release your game with the UI provided by this package. And once you start seeing better results from your game, you can get yourself a good UI and integrate it inside the game and get some satisfying reviews from the users. 

Sounds: Last but not the least, it has got free to use sounds, including simple music and some sound effects also. You are free to use them, in any project and produce those cool, eye-catching games that users love to play. 

Size: Everything included, the size of the Ninja Hero Unity Asset is 7.9 MB 

Reviews: Ninja Hero Unity Asset has a total of 74 user ratings out of which 61 are 5 stars.  

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version and Unity 2019.

  • Ready to use scenes are included. 
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices 
  • Easy to customize and reuse in your own game. 
  • Documentation Included 
  • Monetization of Different Add networks included. 
  • Multi-platform Like Android & IOS. 


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