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Monday, October 15, 2018

Showroom and Garage 3D Model Unity Pack

Assets Name: Showroom and Garage 3D Model

Assets Type: 3D

Asset Categories: 3D Model Garage

Required Unity Version: Unity5.6 _ all version , Unity2017_ all version , Unity 2018_all version

Package Size: 4400mb

Description: This package contains 7 garages and high quality showrooms for your vehicles.
With minimal draw calls, high quality graphics, PBR ready materials and optimized mesh, you can bring your games to life using one of the included garage / showrooms.The scenes are already included - just drop off your vehicles and have a unique premium garage for your car game.

  • Ready made scenes included
  • Minimal Set Pass Calls
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Create your own game easly
  • Easy to customise and reuse
  • Documentation Included
  • Does not require any additional plugin to work
  • High quality Graphics 
  • Demo scens Included
Note: If you have any question or if any download link damage or not working of If have any request for any new assets then comment in comment box or contact via (


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