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Universal Fighting Engine unity package

Universal Fighting Engine (PRO) is one the best package for fighting games and can be used to make games that street fighter kids love or games that ring fighters like to play.  It's a great package with characters in it that help to make the demo/prototypes quickly. There is easy to setup editor scripts to set up the characters. Lots of particle effects that catch the attention of players are there and can be used creatively to enhance the overall look and feel of the games. The gizmos make it easy to set up the player and helps when setting the values for the body part setting etc. Character selection screen does help by saving the time of the developer and he doesn't have to worry about the user interface. Health bars are an essential part of fighting games and they are also included. 
What else has got this package in, let's look in detail? 

Size: Everything included, the size of the package is around 95 MB 

Reviews: Universal Fighting Engine has 43 user ratings and 12 user reviews with 32 as five stars 

What's Inside the Universal Fighting Engine: 

Package Content: IF we look into the folders, what we have got.  There are folders, streaming assets, UFE, and project settings. Ufe is the that has got Characters, Editor, Gui, Mechanic assets, Particles, 
Resources, scenes, etc. There are more things that need to be explored by you. 

Models: Models include character models like mike, Joan etc.. 

Sounds: There are combat sounds, like punch, block, hit, land, etc. Then there are menu sounds like a button, menu chooses, etc. In the last, we have Background music. 

Textures: There are textures of circle, dust, flash, hit, ring, smoke, etc. 

Support: Support is available in the form of a website and a  pdf book is also available. 

Materials: Materials like dust, ice smoke, lightening, etc are included. 

Animations: Animations like blocking, bounce, falling from bounce, get hit high, kicked back, and many others are included. 

Scripts: There are scripts like destroy script, UI scripts, Default Pause screen, etc. 

Scenes: Training room scene is included 
What sort of games can be made with it:  This package Universal Fighting Engine can be used to pack fighting games of different genres. 
Explore the remaining things that are missing in detail here and check yourself.
Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all version and Unity 2019 

By Using UFE You Can Make Fighting Game Like Tekken3 Type Games.

  • Demo Fighting scenes included. 
  • Multiple character selections. 
  • Create your own Fighting Game with your own character easily. 
  • Easy to customize UI and Animations. 
  • Include Opponent character AI. 
  • Customizable Time System and Round system. 
  • Tag Team Fighting System. 


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