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Car Chase and Drift Template Unity Assets

Car Chase and Drift Template is for you If you are going to make a game which needs low poly models, and it has gameplay having car chase and police featured in it or it's a drift game, then you must be looking for something with all these features in one package. Well, this is the package!. You surely should try this Car Chase and Drift Template because it has all those features you are looking for and along with this it does include the scripts and gameplay and many more things which are definitely going to cut down the development time for your game and you can focus on polishing your game in that time and increase your user experience and get more engaging players.  
Enough with the bullets about Car Chase and Drift Template, now let's just look at how you can make your first build and what exactly is the game story in this template.  

Build procedure: Just make any empty project in Unity and then import this package. Once you import it, go to the build setting and switch it to android if it's in some other mode. also, make sure that SDK and JDK are set in unity. Once you switch the project then just hit the build button and save the APK on your desired location. Once you build the APK, install it on your device and you should be able to get the basic template of this package in running form.  
Now let's look at the story that has been tried to put into this package. The story for Car Chase and Drift Template is not complex. It's just a simple gameplay, in which police cars chase the player car and player car has to collect the coins, making sure that it doesn't get destroyed by police vehicles. Enjoy the asset. 

Required Unity Version: Unity5.5 _ all version, Unity5.6 _ all version, Unity2017_ all version, Unity 2018_all versions and , Unity 2019_all versions.

Package Size: 1.5 MB 

Car Chase and Drift Template

  • Car Chase and Drift Template is easy to use, and it includes almost everything that a game needs 
  • It has sample levels, to help you achieve a great gameplay for your game.  
  • The code is developer-friendly, you can easily understand, modify and test it.  
  • The controls are ready for the mobile touch already.  
  • For your convenience, it is already checked on Android and Apple devices.  
  • No need to have any activation or anything, just build an APK install, and you are ready to test!  
  • The prefabs that we provided will you make your custom vehicles for your gameplay.  
  • There are already controls configured that can be modified to have any kind of behavior that you might need for your game.  
  • Ready made unity scenes included  
  • Full Physics included  
  • Mobile version included 
  • Full Game kit 
  • New Version with fixed old issues 


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